Surefire Flashlights

Surefire is a company who’s history began with the technological development of lasers and through refinement and business transitions has become one of the lead suppliers of “the world’s finest illumination tools and tactile products”.

The objective of the ad is to make potential audiences and existing ones aware of these reliable, durable, alluring products.

The takeaway will be the reliability of the product due to it’s durability, engineering, and intent of being used in various occasions including dangerous ones where correctly operating is a must.


INFORM YOUR IMPULSES. Get the bigger picture, use Surefire tactile flashlights and widen your perspective. Surefire’s E1B Backup is the primary go-to. It’s dual-level high output provides variation for situational needs and the accompanying clip doesn’t tear clothing while providing easy access. With it’s easy-grip, weather-proof body and batteries, the E1B Backup utilizes 110 lumens and has a 1.3 hour tactile run-time where on low output, 5 lumens are utilized and has a 37 hour run-time. Both outputs supple a tight-beam with peripheral lighting. That power and run-time with the high strength aerospace aluminum body and Mil Spec anodized for extreme durability creates an idiot-proof tool perfect for the outdoors. And for those times where you approach, prior to surveying your surroundings, there’s always the stun mode. Stop guessing and start knowing.