Sherri Hill Retailer App


Sherri Hill wanted an app to help their retailers' Sales Associates sell and order quickly while on the floor with a customer. 


We spoke with different scale retailers in our system to gauge the different needs of each as well as the differences between what a manager may need versus a sales associate. From there we collected more data about what devices our users have, how they may use it in various situations to their aid, what could be hang ups and potentially lose a sale for them, how much access would they prefer to what they had available to them on our .NET site, and what would be some wish list items. 


Combining the above information with our goals of consumer data collection as well as being able to track inventory past our doors, we started creating a application map honing in on what components would make MVP, what would be a nice to have, and what we could set aside for a future improvement. 


In the images displayed you will see one user path of the persona Kai, a 17 year old Sales Associate working in Dallas, Texas.